One New Man

One new man

One New Man symbol. Handcrafted mosaic by artist.

This piece; “One New Man” is also known as “Grafted In”. This symbol combines the Judaism of the Menorah and Shield of David (Jewish Star) with the Christian fish. It is normally associated with modern Messianic Judaism.

This piece is one of 7 I have made, it is 1 of 2 available. The first one was started in our shed in Milton Florida. I never planned or intended to make “Grafted In” or “One New Man”a piece like this.  It kinda just happened. The first one made was sold in a silent auction at Brit Ahm Messianic Synagogue.  After that I made 3 more on commission. 2 are currently on display at Bat Zion Messianic Congregation in Duncanville Texas where the New One Man of Jew and Gentile blessing HaShem (the Name) together in an expression of being One New Man.

This  One New Man mosaic and more Messianic themed mosaics available here at Van Abbema Designs (vad).

Mosaics such as this Grafted In mosaic are crafted with ceramic tile on a cement backer board with a trimmed out frame using travertine. A personal style where a sketch is drawn and tile is nipped to conformity. While this is not a traditional mosaic art form,  I plan and hope to make more traditional tesserae style with a authentic ancient mosaic presentation. In the meantime I will continue to provide this style. Most of the mosaic here are available upon request. Keep in mind not all request will look exactly the same for there is a variation in the design as new pieces are made. Pieces will be available on mesh background (example in background of this pic)such as mosaic tile bought in local tile stores. Thereby allowing you to order designs for back splashes, shower inserts, number plaques for brick mailboxes and houses which you can install yourself or your tile expert, then grout. Pricing depends on style and difficulty yet priced reasonably, contact me at for more information.

This mosaic available for $250.00. Notify me at

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