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Congratulations! By signing up for the newsletter you have been entered into a drawing for the above mosaic of the name of “Brother” in ancient paleo Hebrew. Click the link above for a definition.  The first 50 newsletter subscribers signed up are entered.  The winner will receive this 8×6 mosaic with wooden frame in Yellow and green.

From here you will receive updates like the youtube video below. Please subscribe to our diakanos  youtube channel and give it a thumbs up! Father willing there will be updates like this video headed your way soon! Up coming videos with music!  Hang out and learn a little Hebrew, it’ll do your heart good!

4 Replies to “Thank You”

  1. Shalom, Van!

    This is a great blessing and very good to hear, especially with how things have gone this month!


  2. Ed, I miss sharing Shabbat with you and the mishpochah. I love the explanation of the word brother broken down back to the original writings. This understanding is a real gold nugget when reading The Bible. It adds so much more depth. Thanks for sharing your nugget. I feel like we are at the Drowsy Poet sharing things revealed to us or things that are elusive to us from our Parshah reading.😊

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