Jesus (Yeshua) mosaic mantel pieces

Jesus! The King of kings and Master of the Universe. His Name is worthy to be praised!

Beautiful mantel piece mosaics for use to beautify your home or office. For a description of Yeshua verses Jesus  please click on this short article link. The piece above in Hebrew reads Yeshua which is read right to left. Some below are written top to bottom. $60.00 plus shipping and handling. Orders are available upon request. Please contact me at

Beautiful Messianic mosaics and Texas mosaics. Mosaic artwork available upon request from local Texas Messianic Artist. Messianic Judaism revealed through stonework. Mosaics portraying a Messianic vision through art. Messianic Judaism art blessing the Name of Jesus.


Yeshua  in Hebrew read top to bottom
Yeshua in Hebrew read top to bottom


Yeshua  Mosaic
Yeshua mosaic vertical