Noah’s Ark Mosaic

Noah's ark mosaic
Mosaic Art
Mosaic of Noah’s ark.

The Noah’s ark mosaic above is one of the commissioned art pieces that have been sold by Van Abbema Designs (vad), and you can order yours today. Choose from a familiar theme. Take a look at the vad shop. Order your design.

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Noah's ark mosaic
Noah’s ark mosaic. Artisan rendition of Noah’s ark upon the water with mountains and birds in the background.

Lion of Judah

Lion of Judah
Lion of Judah Mosaic. Messianic Judaism Artist mosaics available at

The Lion of Yehuda (Judah) Mosaic

This piece; “The Lion of Judah” is a Messianic symbol of Messiah reigning in Jerusalem. The Lion of Judah is featured on the Flag of Jerusalem. The throne of Messiah is Jerusalem. This symbol has been adopted by different sects of Messianic Judaism.

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